Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Top questions about IELTS exam

• To what level you need English to take IELTS?
IELTS examinations itself set a level at the intermediate level and above. It can provide the result from beginner to very advanced level.
• How many times you can sit for the exam?
There is no limit for this examination. You can sit for IELTS for any number of times.

• Where is IELTS available?
There are approximately more than 250 approved centres over many countries. You can consult with the best IELTS centre in India to get up- to-date knowledge about the exam.

• Will you receive a certificate?
No, you will get a TRF (Test Report Form) from the centre in which your band score for each part will be given.

• How long the test score is valid?
The result of IELTS has a valid time of two years. But if you want it for more than two years then with TRF you need to show an evidence that you have maintained English throughout your studies or you have done the effective use of this language.

• For any university, what score you need to get?
This thing varies with the institution/university to which you are applying. Some will accept 5 bands but the minimum requirement is of 6.5 bands.

• How long time does it take for IELTS result?
You will get the result within two weeks of sitting the test and the result will be provided by that centre where you sat for the test.

• If you have given good result in one part and not in other then do you need to give the whole test again?
Yes, you need to sit in all the four modules every time you sit for the exam.

• Do you need to study from English school to give IELTS?
No, it is not mandatory. You must be familiar with the types of the questions and by taking training from the IELTS coaching centre, you can get help from your fellow mates.

• Is IELTS is available on PC?
Yes, a computerised version IELETS which is known as CBIELTS is available at some centre that includes listening and reading tests.

• At which age I will be able to sit for IELTS?
For under 16, the exam is not recommendable.


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